Advantages and Disadvantages of Fiction or Non Fiction Writing for Profit

Fiction or non-fiction – What’s the difference?

The Writer helps both fiction and non-fiction writers create and maintain successful businesses. In many respects, fiction and non-fiction writing businesses have the same issues:

  • Both need to keep financial records for their own use and for taxes
  • Both need to be aware of copyright issues
  • Both need to have a marketing plan and create a platform from which to market themselves
  • Both must sell their products or services to customers and clients
  • Both may need outside financial help during the startup process or to expand or cover cash flow needs

How are fiction and non-fiction writers different, from a business perspective?

  • Financing issues. Non-fiction and fiction writers have different types of clients or customers. Non-fiction writers often have continuing customers who help pay the bills; fiction writers may wait a long time for payment, from royalties or e-book sales.
  • Marketing issues. Non-fiction writers often have an advantage in marketing their products or services. For bloggers, for example, there are clear avenues to income, from online advertising. Freelancers can find long-term clients and don’t have to market in the same ways as fiction writers.
  • Tax issues. Because their income is more predictable and regular, non-fiction writers tend to have income against which to offset their writing expenses. Fiction writers, on the other hand, may wait years for income while incurring expenses they would like to deduct as business income.

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