Creating the Ideal Reader Profile

I’m focusing this week on my Ideal Reader. You know, the person you think about, the person you are writing for. And I need your help deciding on an image for this Ideal Reader.

My ideal reader is a woman named Karen Hassenworth. Karen has been a bookkeeper, a chiropractor, a home business owner, and now she’s a writer – in my various publications, that is. And she’s only in her mid-30s!

She is a freelance financial writer by day and a budding novelist (of historical romance) by night. Karen lives in the Midwest and she is married to a computer analyst. They have a 3 1/2 year old son named Jared.

Karen has a degree in finance and she used to work as a bank manager but she found the work boring. When Jared was born, she started writing as a freelancer, creating promotional materials and newsletters for several local banks. Her spare time is spent shopping, cooking healthy foods, and reading romance novels.

Why the Ideal Reader is so important
It’s all about focus. We can’t be everything to everyone, but we can be something special to a few. By focusing on just one type of person, we can direct our writing and our marketing efforts toward this person. We can go where they are, on social media, for example. Does Karen like Pinterest? Yes, it’s a great place to find clothing and home decoration ideas, but also for romance writers and financial writers.

And why didn’t I think of using Pinterest this way myself!?! I just found several places to put pins for my services to these writers.